You sit watching the images flicker on the screen before your eyes. The student sits before his master in the monastery courtyard. Suddenly, the old master leaps in to the air with a flurry of kicks and punches rising past the canopy of surrounding trees before landing softly to the ground. As the master advises his young pupil, you realize the great wisdom he imparts extends beyond the boundaries of the movie you watch to your every day life. As the film ends you have but one question. How can you learn this art? The answer is at Tiger Crane Kung Fu.

We are the premiere location for Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. You can trace our family tree directly back to the founders of an ancient art that has stood the test of time. Through conflict, through peace, through prosperity, through difficulty, Kung Fu remains.

Our Kung Fu classes get you fit while teaching you practical self defense techniques. Our Tai Chi class soothes your mind and revitalizes your body.

You gain all these benefits without the endless belt, certificate, and testing fees that other schools charge. When Traditional Martial Arts were created there were no belt systems and it is with integrity that we continue this practice. At our school you go "Beyond the Belt" and "Live the Tradition".

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