Most Martial Arts utilize a belt system to determine rank and progress. However,
traditional Kung Fu does not use such conventions. Kung Fu uses what can best be described as a “Family System” of ranking. Upon being accepted as a
student by the Sifu (teacher), one becomes an immediate member of that
Kung Fu family and part of a rich tradition. Kung Fu styles have been taught in the
manner of a family structure for thousands of years. Like a family, there is a Family
Head (Sifu). There are also siblings. Big brothers (Si-Hing) and Big sisters (Si-Je) are
senior students who have joined the school (family) first. Therefore, these senior
students are given respect for their established dedication and efforts in class.

There are many benefits to a Family System. It encourages students to work together to
achieve their goals. This method promotes a sense of community, providing an open
and positive learning experience. In addition, students do not incur extra costs
such as belt, certificate, or testing fees which are normally associated with most
Martial Arts classes.




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