What ages do you teach?
We teach adults and teens, ages 13 and up.
How do I mark my progress without a belt system?

The modern belt system marks one’s place in their martial art curriculum in the same way that a child marks their progress in school by the grade they are in. The belt one wears does not signify the quality or capability of the practitioner, just the grade they are in at the time. When asked how smart or capable a child is in school, they do not reply “3rd Grade”. It is understood that not everyone in 3rd Grade is of equal ability and accomplishment. The same is to be said for the use of belts in Martial Arts.

In Kung Fu, you mark your progress in the same manner that a musician or any other artist marks it. By observation and a thorough understanding of your craft. A musician does not go on stage and present their college degree to receive an audience’s applause. To the contrary, they demonstrate their craft and it is only then that the audience will express their appreciation for his ability. As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding”.

This being said, we do have a set, highly structured curriculum that students progress through. You will know step by step what level you are at and what is coming next in your progression.

Do I need prior Martial Arts experience to participate in class?
No. While we welcome individuals with prior Martial Arts experience, all individuals enrolling for the first time at our school are considered beginners.