The lyrical choreography of martial maneuvers refined over centuries of insight and ingenuity comprise this spellbinding course. The Kung Fu Legacy program focuses solely on what is known as forms training: Sequences of self-defense movements handed down by the most legendary masters of Kung Fu.

These workout routines encompass the totality of Kung Fu ranging from open hand techniques to an expanse of colorful weaponry. Techniques are practiced in solo “shadow boxing” fashion as well as partnered drills. Learning these techniques is akin to mastering the sword techniques of King Arthur or the archery of Robin Hood, as you follow in the footsteps of Martial History’s greatest masters.

While an extensive course unto itself, this program compliments and is further enhanced by enrollment in our Kung Fu Tactics program whose primary focus is fighting drills and sparring. Whether you’re an athlete with a passion for artistry, a perfectionist honing your craft, or anyone who wants to get in shape while learning the best Martial Arts has to offer, this is the class for you!

















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