If you have not been enrolled in a Martial Arts school before, please be advised that nearly all other Martial Arts schools will charge you extra hidden fees on a regular basis. 
Not only will you pay your monthly tuition but, as you progress to the next rank / belt color, you will be required to take a test which you will pay additional fees for.  If you do not pay these testing fees and participate in the exam, you will not learn anything new and won’t progress to the next rank. These fees increase in cost as the student’s rank increases towards a black belt and will cost you hundreds if not thousands of additional dollars a year.  Therefore, the price quoted by nearly any school other than Tiger Crane Kung Fu will not reflect the total cost of you taking Martial Arts Classes.
What most people do not realize is that Martial Arts were not taught with a belt system until recent times and that being a black belt is not always reflective of one’s ability. At Tiger Crane Kung Fu, we teach the original method of Martial Arts where you learn under the personal guidance and care of your instructor.   Our teachers form a bond with you and know exactly where you are in the curriculum, what you need, and will do everything in their power to get you where you need to be.  When the day comes for you to advance to the next level of the system, you will learn it that day.  No Testing.  No Extra Fees.  Just a focus on your step by step journey through the Martial Art of Kung Fu. 
It is with this sincerity that we operate our school and in turn look for students who are mutually sincere in their intentions to study our art.  You can rest assured that the prices above encompass the total cost of enrollment at our school.  We are transparent about what is financially required of you to be enrolled and it is these fees which allow us to remain open for business.  As such, all prices are set and are not open to negotiation or bargaining. 

When you consider that at nearly any other school, you will not have a clear idea of the total financial cost to learn Martial Arts, there is no better deal than the piece of mind you have when enrolling at our school. 





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