Tiger Crane Kung Fu is a Martial Arts school teaching the unique styles of Hung Gar Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Our beginning classes focus on a fun and challenging curriculum taught in the Traditional Kung Fu method. This means there are none of the belt, certificate, or testing fees associated with most Martial Arts schools. You go “beyond the belt”, judging your progress not by the outward appearance of a piece of cloth or the money you’ve spent, but by the growth of your character.

We are located in the heart of Simi Valley’s commercial area on East Los Angeles Avenue, directly across the street from Baskin-Robbins.







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Our studio is a single room of over 1000 sq ft. that is stylishly designed in a modern Zen motif. Pictures of our Kung Fu ancestors adorn the walls and it is under their watchful eyes that we bring our Martial Tradition into the modern age. Training equipment includes a heavy punching bag, wooden dummy apparatus, Lion Dance Gear and Kung Fu weaponry.

We have a changing room in the back of the studio for your convenience if you are coming to or from work.





Our West Los Angeles Classes take place at Dance Studio No 1 on the corner of Pico and Bundy. Practical, sophisticated self-defense techniques and artistic, lyrically crafted choreography merge in this riveting class. The location has ample parking as well as dressing rooms for your convenience. Our session is held weekly in the Charlie Chaplin room on Thursdays from 7:30 - 8:30 pm.





















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