This high octane class focuses exclusively on the fighting techniques and sparring engineered for maximum combat efficiency known as Kung Fu. Maneuvers which run the gamut of self-defense from strikes and throws, to joint locks and knife fighting are the order of the day in this fun and fast paced course. Group and partner drills are implemented to ensure you have the reflexes, conditioning, timing, and speed to employ the most revered of Martial Arts while gaining a tactical advantage over your opponent. You will become proficient in a variety of self-defense maneuvers without the extensive choreography of forms while getting fit and improving your confidence.

While a robust class unto itself, this program compliments and is further enhanced by enrollment in our Kung Fu Legacy program whose primary focus is form training. Whether you’re a busy student, a parent with limited time, or the next master taking the first steps on your martial journey, this class is for you!


















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