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This is an excellent school, I've been training here for over 3 years and have learned so much. The kung fu style taught is hung gar, a southern chinese shaolin style that uses techniques based on movements of the Tiger, Crane, Snake, Leopard and Dragon, along with traditional strikes, kicks, blocks, throws and joint locks. It is a very well rounded and effective style. The instructor Sifu Fujita is a very good teacher and makes the classes both fun and educational.

He is great with kids, teenagers and adults and the school is friendly and students help each other learn. There are also Tai Chi and meditation classes which have helped my balance and posture and are great to unwind after a day at the office. Also chinese lion dance and drumming are taught, which are fun, we perform at parades and demonstrations.

The school is not commercial, there are no belt tests or fees, you progress to the next part of the curriculum when you are ready, so you can learn at your own pace and make sure you have properly learned the techniques before progressing to new ones. If you are looking for a traditional martial arts school for kids or adults then you will not find a better one than this.


Awesome Kung Fu in Simi! To me, Kung fu means good/hard work. You will find that here. Here you can push yourself as little or as hard you would like. I have a 4+ plus years with Sifu and the school and found I learned a lot, more about myself and Asian culture as well as getting a good workout and self defense skills It has has been and still is an awesome ride. What a talented instructor - Sifu is quite creative in the Kids class too, and in his teachings. I was unable to practice kung fu for a few months and Sifu switched gears and was able to guide me through other practices, particularly Chi Kung - which I credit to my increase in balance, breathe, and a little time of serenity so I could jump right back into kung fu. I forgot to mention - Sifu Kurtis Fujita learned directly from [Sigung] YC Wong in San Francisco - google him - he is incredible!! :-)


One of Best Choices I Ever Made! First of all, I am very glad that I found the right teacher, Sifu Fujita, for my Martial Art training. Since my daughter joined a year and a half ago, she has been enjoying the class and has shared stories about the school. Her serious practice influenced her younger brother, who has a Black Belt in Taekwondo. He asked me to take him to watch a class. He also fell in love with Tiger Crane Kung Fu and the teaching style of Sifu Kurtis who has a warm heart. As for me, I found Sifu has deep knowledge about not only Kung Fu's heritage but also Asian culture and other Martial Arts. His rich explanations and relevant knowledge of each technique is very impressive. Now, as you can imagine, my son, daughter, and I are students under Sifu Kurtis at Tiger Crane Kung Fu.


I am a 72 year old woman with a bad back. I was actually looking for a Tai Chi class, thinking it might be something I could do. An Internet search lead me to Kurtis Fujita at Tiger Crane Kung Fu. He was very encouraging and invited me to try a class. Long story short.... I visited Tiger Crane studio and found a warm friendly group of people who made me feel welcome and comfortable. I enrolled in a class and Sifu Kurtis Fujita has modified exercises to fit by ability. The class is fun and it is great exercise.


I have been training at Tiger Crane Kung Fu for the last 4+ years. Sifu Fujita is an excellent instructor, he teaches forms along with their practical application. He is a very patient teacher, which is helpful for those of us closer to 50 than 18 years old. Following traditional Chinese martial arts practices, there are no belts or belt tests. You learn based on your own abilities, when you are ready to move forward you do. Sifu Fujita not only teaches the forms and techniques but also passes along the rich history and traditions of Kung Fu. All of the students from the most advanced to the newest class members are given time to ask questions and properly apply what is learned.

Prior to coming to Tiger Crane Kung Fu, I looked at just about every martial arts studio in Ventura County. I recommend Tiger Crane Kung Fu to anyone looking for traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung taught in a fun environment.


Best Martial Arts School I'm glad to have Sifu Fujita as my Kung Fu teacher. Because of his teaching my confidence went up and I have become more patient. When he teaches the art of kung fu, he also teaches you to have self discipline and to be humble. The way he teaches you he works with you you on all the concepts until you master every movement. I highly recommend Tiger Crane Kung Fu Simi Valley for anyone who wants to learn the true meaning of martial arts.